Why Are Cat Foods So Expensive?

18 Nov 2019 @ 12.35 pm
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Having a cute feline as a companion can be a remedy for a bad day and can cheer you up if you are feeling down. It just so happens, though, that having a pet comes with its costs and expenses.

Taking them to the vet, getting them the medication they need, equipping them with the necessary cleaning tools, and most importantly, purchasing the food needed for their age and size. If you have ever had both a dog and a cat simultaneously, you may have noticed that cat food is a little bit more expensive than dog food, if not a lot more. Read on to find out why cat food is more expensive than others.

1. Supply and Demand

Dogs are spontaneous creatures by nature that genuinely enjoy several activities and only get tired after hours of playtime. Cats on the other hand, besides a few outliers, are to an extent a bit lazy; they like lying around and lounging throughout the house rather than actually running and jumping around. Because of this, dogs get hungrier much quicker, so there is a higher demand on dog food. Cat food on the other hand is not demanded as often, so to make up for the lack of purchases, cat food becomes more expensive.

It is also possible that dog and cat food could be the same price, yet the quantity of dog food will be double the quantity of cat food. That is due to the idea that sellers want to make the same amount of money, yet know that cats do not eat as often or as much as dogs.

2. Higher protein percentage

Cats, or felines in general, require a higher protein percentage as they are carnivores by nature and can’t eat or digest plants and fiber properly. Since meat is more expensive than plants and fibers, the food itself becomes much more expensive since there aren’t other “fillers.” Each package usually comes with a label that displays the percentage and tells you the minimum or maximum amount of food your cat should eat.

3. Cats are picky

Unlike dogs, cats are picky when it comes to food. Even with higher protein percentage, some cats go for dry food and some wet, so it depends on your cat and its preferences. You can read more on dry and wet cat food reviews here to understand what your cat may like more. Each stage of a cat’s life comes with a different selection of cat food, so reading up on reviews will help you know what they should or should not be eating at each age level.

Although a cat food can be on the expensive side, and having a pet in general can be a bit exhausting, caring for an animal is extremely rewarding. It is also very pleasing to have a creature to care for and play with, and since they don’t like many activities, they are not very high maintenance when it comes to that end. Just read up on cat food reviews and have your cat, try the different foods and eventually you’ll come to a conclusion that will keep both you and your cat happy.