Taxi drivers call for ban on Uber cars travelling to York from coronavirus lockdown areas

Photograph: Richard McDougall
31 Jul 2020 @ 9.58 am
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A spike in Covid-19 cases has led to a local lockdown in parts of West Yorkshire – but Uber drivers from these areas are still able to work in York.

New coronavirus restrictions came into force at midnight and affect Bradford, Calderdale and Kirklees among other places.

York has refused a licence to Uber, but drivers from West Yorkshire regularly ply their trade here.

Today Wendy Loveday, chair of the York Private Hire Association, wrote to council leader Keith Aspden urging action.

She wrote: “Will you now do something to stop Uber drivers travelling from West Yorkshire into York and coming into contact with hundreds of York residents/students?

“Will you take any action whatsoever to stop them from bringing the virus into York?

“Or will you continue to ignore the facts, and allow Uber drivers’ behaviour result in York being forced into a local lockdown through no fault of its own residents?”

Asking police

An Uber car parked on Piccadilly, York. Photograph: Dean Langthorp

Wendy went on to say that “someone MUST have the power to stop this from happening”.

Ashley Mason is chair of the council’s licensing, gambling and regulatory committee.

Responding to the concerns, he said on Twitter: “North Yorkshire Police’s view during lockdown was that they were legally able to still work in York during lockdown.

“I have asked the Chief Constable for her view and information on their powers now.”

One thought on “Taxi drivers call for ban on Uber cars travelling to York from coronavirus lockdown areas

  1. If an area or city is in lockdown taxi drivers should be restricted to the area of lockdown. It’s time the police started fining these uber drivers then they would think twice before coming to an area outside lockdown and touting for trade.

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