York student’s Fortnite-a-thon charity fundraiser

It's a tough job but someone's gotta do it...
7 Dec 2018 @ 9.00 am
| Family

After a year in which his mum was diagnosed with cancer, Joseph Rowntree School student Freddie McDougall decided he wanted to do his bit in the fight against the disease.

With the old addage to ‘do what you’re good at” in mind, he felt he would be most productive by hitting up his Xbox.

“I wanted to contribute something to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.” Freddie explained. “My mum is a nurse at St Leonard’s Hospice and helps many people affected by cancer. When she got it herself, I was really upset”.

To support research into the disease that now touches one in two lives, he will be battling it out for 12 hours solid on video game sensation, Fortnite.

Above, one of Freddie’s many practice runs.

Donning his headset at 8am on Saturday 8 December, he will be joined online by his friends from across York. They intend to broadcast the marathon session via his YouTube channel.

You can donate to his cause via a JustGiving page here – Freddie’s Gameathon