York provides more safe spaces to walk and cycle during the lockdown

Photograph: Brian Harris on Unsplash
30 Apr 2020 @ 7.34 pm
| Transport

Work is underway to provide more safe walking and cycling spaces in York.

Locations with narrow footpaths, or areas where there are queues of people outside shops, can make it difficult for residents to social distance safely.

The council says it has taken on board this feedback and is making changes where possible.

Bishopthorpe Road is one example of this where additional space has been provided for pedestrians by widening the footway with cones.

Further measures are now under active consideration, details of which will be announced shortly.

Another route to benefit is Castle Mills Bridge. The westbound lane over the bridge has been coned off to enable cyclists to use this dedicated space on the road.

This provides an alternative cycling route to the riverside path over the Blue Bridge.

Improved air quality

Cllr Andy D’Agorne. Photograph: David Lindsay

Executive member for transport Cllr Andy D’Agorne said: “We’re hearing from some residents and local businesses that they are finding it hard to stick to social distance guidelines at certain locations in the city, particularly on some narrow footpaths.

“Many residents have been making use of wider areas and waiting to allow others to pass.

“However, to aid residents, we are looking at how we can help residents in adhering to social distancing guidance.

“In addition to these immediate measures, council officers are also currently exploring how best to respond to these challenges in the medium to long term.

“They are identifying opportunities to maintain the health benefits of low traffic and improved air quality in whatever the new normal looks like for communities.”