York men used ‘horrific threats’ of physical and sexual violence to blackmail victim

Wade Kershaw
28 Feb 2020 @ 5.11 pm
| Crime

Two York men who terrified a vulnerable person with threats of violence unless he handed them cash have been jailed for blackmail.

The men were found guilty at York Crown Court on Wednesday (26 February).

Peter Anthony Egan, 54, and 18-year-old Wade Clifford Michael Kershaw, both of York, met their victim in the city on 27 August 2019.

Over a period of three days they used threats of physical and sexual violence to blackmail him to hand over his money.

They also forced their victim to contact family members, in an attempt to extort further amounts of cash.

Very distressed state

Peter Egan

Fortunately the victim was able to remove himself safely from the situation and was found by police in a very distressed state in York on the 29 August 2019.

Egan was sentenced to 25 months imprisonment in relation to the blackmail offence.

He was also was handed a further 12 month sentence for being in possession of a bladed article, bringing his full sentence to three years and one month.

Kershaw received a 32 month sentence in relation to the blackmail charges.

He was also given a further 16 month sentence in relation to an assault offence,  meaning he will serve a total of four years at a young offenders institute.

‘Fearing for his safety’

Speaking about the sentences handed to Egan and Kershaw, DC Alex Dorlin of York CID said:

  • Egan and Kershaw targeted a vulnerable person and used the most horrific threats of physical and sexual violence to terrify the victim into handing over cash.

    The victim was in genuine fear for his safety, believing that Egan and Kershaw would carry out their threats if he did not hand over his money.

    Thankfully he was able to get out of the situation safely. However the whole experience left him very shaken and distressed.

DC Dorlin added: “I hope the sentences handed to Egan and Kershaw sends a clear message to those who think they can target, threaten and take advantage of vulnerable people.

“North Yorkshire Police will do everything in our power to put you in front of the courts and ensure justice is done.”