York is open! Video and pictures, as shops welcome back customers with a smile

York is open! Video and pictures, as shops welcome back customers with a smile
15 Jun 2020 @ 10.36 am
| Business

York is a shopping centre once more.

Many city stores reopened this morning, in line with government guidance.

About 60% of shops were expected to open in the city centre today (Monday, 15 June).

There were queues to get into Primark at the Coppergate Centre, and Barnitts on Colliergate, but otherwise the first hour was fairly quiet.

Pippa Unwin, Coppergate Centre manager, said: “Obviously we’re excited about welcoming people back to Coppergate.

“We’ve put out some of our social distancing markers and we’re just watching how people behave to see where we need to make adjustments, because we don’t think we’ll get it right first time.”

We need people shopping

The queue outside Primark at the Coppergate Centre this morning. Photographs: YorkMix

She said she was pleased at the way the Primark queue had worked.

“I was expecting lots of people. If the weather stays nice we’re going to get more people.

“Coming out here today and seeing that Primark are the first to open and that’s the number of people, maybe we will just get a steady stream and it will be really manageable.”

She said comments on the website were split between those keen to return and people who would be staying away, which was understandable.

“We’re quite pleased that not everybody feels that way, because we need the economy moving again, we need people to come out shopping again. So I’m excited.”

Clean and tidy

King’s Square being cleaned

Both Barnitts and Browns on Davygate have reopened with separate doors for entrance and exit.

The city was being spruced up ready for the return of shoppers first thing this morning, with King’s Square getting the power wash treatment, and many windows being cleaned.

Lots of shop windows have signs in giving shoppers details on the restrictions inside.

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