York bus service at risk due to falling passenger numbers

Photograph: YorkMix

York residents are being urged to make full use of a local bus service after falling passenger numbers left the long-term future of one section of its route in jeopardy.

Service 12 runs between Foxwood, the city centre and Monks Cross. It’s the section between Alness Drive and Foxwood Lane which has seen a decline in passengers.

This summer, bus operator First York announced its intention to withdraw the service along that section of the route on the basis that it is no longer commercially viable.

However, City of York Council has stepped in to provide the funding required to continue operating the service in its entirety, but only up until 31 January, 2020.

This will allow time for a tendering process to be carried out in a bid to find the most cost-effective, long-term solution.

A decision about the future of the service will be made once that process is complete.

Cllr Andy D’Agorne, executive member for transport, said:

  • It’s positive that the council has agreed to provide the funding needed to ensure that bus service 12 can continue to operate between Alness Drive and Foxwood Lane in the short-term.

    But, as we work to identify a longer-term solution, it’s really important that local people make full use of the service.

4 thoughts on “York bus service at risk due to falling passenger numbers

  1. I use the 12 every day twice a day to get to work and back as do many others . May be if they stopped messing about with the timings more people would catch it . To the person saying scrap all routes its obvious you are one of thee ignorant car drivers who cause traffic hold ups in town not helping bus timing . Before cutting services please consider the elderly who count on those buses to get out and about .

  2. Make sure the time tables are available . Then see how well they are used once people know when they are due .

  3. How dare they! Since the new timetable was issued this bus hasn’t run anywhere near the scheduled time. Not only that, the bus checker app no longer synchronises with the timetable. The drivers say the timetable is impossible. The timetable is all over the place, 40mins, 20 mins, 30mins. I’ve waited for this bus 6 times a week since the changes and caught it once, and that was only because I waited 50 mins! No one catching the bus? No one can find it! Shame on them. Unfair to those that need this service. Unfair to the drivers that are trying to provide a service.

  4. I think all buses should seize. And for the council to be paying for them to continue is a joke. Why not fix the pot holes instead. Probably mainly caused by buses. Not just that busses don’t give way. There drivers are rude. They bloke up the road making traffic kaos. I’d be voting to scrap the route. And every other route that is a waste of time.

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