Which York venue has made the list of ‘Europe’s ten lamest attractions’?

A view over York… Photograph: Matthew King
31 Jul 2018 @ 8.06 pm
| Entertainment

It has enjoyed many accolades and won many awards.

Now it has made the list of ‘Europe’s ten lamest attractions’.

That might sound like a negative for the Jorvik Viking Centre – but actually it’s not nearly as bad as it sounds.

The list in question is by travel writer David Whitley, and published in Traveller, ‘the essential resource for Australians who love to travel’.

It’s a tongue-in-cheek piece, about European attractions which are ‘so bad, they’re good’.

‘Slightly daft’

What on earth is daft about this? Photograph: Richard McDougall
As UK-based writer David puts it, Europe is “home to some attractions that are more than a little cheesy. But just because it’s kinda lame, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth stumping up for.”

His top ten lame league includes Sound of Music tours in Salzburg, Austria, and The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

So what are his reasons for including York’s Viking jewel? He writes:

  • The Jorvik Viking Centre has some serious bits, displaying finds from archaeological digs.

    But its main way of showing off York’s Viking heritage is a slightly daft fairground-esque ride through mocked-up street scenes with models and animal noises.

    The thing is, it works – and encourages you to think well beyond the marauding men with beards Viking stereotypes.

So you never know – there might by hundreds of travellers about to hit York to complete their ‘Europe’s most lame’ bucket list.