‘Where is everybody going to park?’ York City fans warn of ‘chaos’ on match days

A parking sign at the new stadium. Photograph: @YCFCStadium on Twitter

Fans warn there will be parking “chaos” because there are only 400 spaces for supporters at the new 8,000-seat community stadium.

York City Football Club held a fans forum meeting to update supporters on progress at the site.

The audience heard that the club has not yet been given a date for moving into the new stadium.

But that three test events are due to take place this month – with the first being a dinner for 200 people scheduled for January 15.

‘There is not enough parking’

Dave Penney and Ian McAndrew at the fans forum. Photograph: @YorkCityFC on Twitter
One fan asked the board: “Monks Cross is a busy place on a Saturday afternoon. Four hundred spaces are reserved for season ticket holders but where is everybody else going to park?”

Another added: “It sounds like a recipe for chaos. It’s a reverse Park&Ride – you are going to park in the city centre to get the bus out there.”

They were told that a green travel plan had been created as part of the planning application for the site.

Sporting director Dave Penney told fans:

  • To get the stadium developed there had to be a travel plan in place.

    We know that doesn’t work logistically well for everybody.

    We have 400 car park spaces to sell as a club. After that – all the best.

Stadium development director Ian McAndrew added: “The council think we should all go there by bike, walking or bus. We know it’s an issue and always will be but that’s the green travel plan.

“We have said there is not enough car parking at this stadium time and again.”

Desperate to move

Photograph: YorkMix
Mr McAndrew said the club is “desperate” to move to the new venue – which will officially be called the LNER Community Stadium after the rail operator was revealed as the headline sponsor in November. He said:

  • It’s such a magnificent stadium that you just can’t wait to get in it.

    I can’t give you an opening date, I’m sorry but the council won’t release dates to us. We are desperate to get in there as quickly as possible.

    It’s getting nearer and nearer. We honestly don’t know when that will be – it’s got to be certified yet.

Last February YorkMix reported fans could be charged £10 to park at the venue on match days.

Mr McAndrew added: “That £10 was a figure mentioned by the council and a figure they were saying you would be charged if you went into other parts of the Park&Ride. The four-hour parking at Vangarde reduces to two hours on match days.”

A second test event scheduled for January 19 will be a junior football league day with 2,000 fans, the meeting heard.

City of York Council has been approached for a comment.


4 thoughts on “‘Where is everybody going to park?’ York City fans warn of ‘chaos’ on match days

  1. I guess the Rugby League double header with Wakefield & Featherstone fans who will mainly come by car or coach on the same day will provide the biggest possible test for the new ground. York council has a responsibility o ensure there is a reasonable system in place. Away supporters are not going to pay to park in York then get a bus and they won’t expect to pay £10 to park

  2. I do not see a problem as there are no reserved car parking spaces at Bootham Crescent other than for VIP’s

  3. If this green plan is so important to get people walking and cycling why do the council remove bike racks seats and litter bins for the duration of the Xmas market. This parking at Monks cross / Vanguard Will keep people away how can you shop and eat in 2hours and verges approaching the stadium will be full of cars going to the stadium rediculous

  4. Will there be separate access to the stadium or is it all from the A64. That junctionwhere the A64 goes off to the coast is a nightmare on weekends in the summer. If there are games on top of that as well, with queues to park, it’s going to be crazy

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