Mix Six: The six funniest comedians on the planet

2 Dec 2012 @ 10.10 pm
| Entertainment

Some of the side-splitting six… Peter Marshall & The Lomos in the foreground, Ross Noble and Lucy Porter in the background
Who are the funniest stand-ups on the circuit? Steve Shooter, who launches a new comedy night for York this week, picks his favourite half dozen

Stand up comedy is a very subjective thing, but I consider myself to have pretty good taste in the matter. I wouldn’t have started promoting my own comedy shows if I didn’t.

This list is by no means exhaustive, and I have narrowed it to comedians who may not be the nation’s favourite. I have a long standing argument with my in-laws over Billy Connolly (they are Scottish), who I don’t like, having a purple beard and saying f*** a lot don’t make me laugh. And I have left off comedy “megastars” like Peter Kay because while he is very good at what he does and connects with audiences, what he does is basically remember things from the past.

Therefore, the six I have chosen here are favourites of mine for very different reasons, but I would urge you to check them out!

In no particular order…

Ross Noble

Noble is not so much a comedian as a randomist. I have had the opportunity to see him perform about 8 times, all on big tours, and I can honestly say every single time I have left the theatre with a sore face from laughing. I saw his show twice in the space of two weeks at opposite ends of the country and the show was completely different both times. Two different two-hour shows a fortnight apart? I don’t know any other comic who could do that, because he doesn’t have routines, he has a very, very strange brain…


Jon Richardson

Now making his mark on the comedy world thanks to spots on 8 Out Of 10 Cats and Stand Up For The Week, I first saw Richardson at The Hyena Lounge about three years ago. His material, well crafted and self deprecating, was carried with a very humble charm. Jon Richardson is finally stepping out of his flatmate Russell Howard’s shadow. Should be a much bigger star!


The Boy With Tape On His Face

I know what you are thinking, that is a stupid name. Yes it is, but it is also technically correct, for he is a mime, with tape over his mouth. Yup, me too, but the man is genius, finely-honed timings, a perfect soundtrack and brilliant audience interaction. See him before it costs you £40 a ticket!


Tim Vine

The punmaster general, perhaps better known as Lee Mack’s sidekick on Not Going Out, is one of the cleverest comics in the game. He is also the world record holder for most jokes told in a minute. If you don’t find one of his jokes funny, don’t worry, there will be another along in 4 seconds. There are lots of one liner comedians, in my opinion, none finer than Tim Vine.


Lucy Porter

The cutest, most adorable comedian on this list, but also one of the finest working comics in the country for years. Lucy Porter has always been on the edge of becoming a massive star, making TV appearances all over the place, while still gigging hard. A clever comic brain combined with easy charm makes her a joy to watch.


Peter Marshall & The Lomos

The name on this list you are most likely to not recognise, this musical comedy duo make crazy, addictive songs and mix the odd charisma of Peter Marshall with the musical ability of nominal straight man Spencer Vale (The Lomos) to create something insane and beautiful. Watch this space…

So there it is, my top six comedians, all very different, but perhaps giving a flavour of the mix of styles I am looking to bring to Knock Knock Comedy Presents.

Our newest comedy club comes to The Post Office Social Club, Marygate on Wednesday, December 5. The line-up is headlined by York’s very own Peter Marshall & The Lomos, and also features James Christopher, Jerry Bochum, Al C McWilliam and will be compered by Nick Banks.

A really strong line up for our first show, the aim being to mix rising local stars with experienced professionals from the comedy circuit.