What happened at the People’s Vote March in York?

Campaigners at the York People's Vote rally in St Helen's Square last November. Photograph: Jacob Phillips
10 Nov 2018 @ 7.03 pm
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“There are no good Brexits, there are only bad and less bad Brexits.”

“Brexit is a fraud and should be cancelled.”

“Why would we risk potentially disrupting the peace we have had since 1945?”

These are some of the phrases overheard at today’s People Vote March in York.

The march saw about 2,000 anti-Brexit protesters take to the streets of central York before completing a loop back to St Helen’s Square to rally and listen to speeches.

Whistles and chanting could be heard as the march moved through Stonegate, Church Street, Parliament Street and Davygate before returning to its starting location.

Why were people protesting in York?

The march took place following the national People’s Vote March in London last month. The national demonstration was attended by 700,000 demonstrators.

However, although its York equivalent is only a fraction of the size, campaigners believe that local events such as The People’s Vote March York will help to bring together those who were unable to attend the national march as well as assist local lobbying attempts.

During the march, postcards and leaflets were given out to demonstrators and members of the public.

Organisers hope to get as many people as possible to contact their MPs urging them to back a people’s vote and put pressure on the government to demand a final say about whether or not the UK should leave the EU.

Who spoke?

Campaigners listened to speeches in the square
The event featured ten speakers including former York Central MP Sir Hugh Bayley and Green councillor, Denise Craghill.

Mr Bayley spoke of the divide that Brexit has generated in the UK. “The government is divided, Parliament is divided, even Boris and his brother, Jo Johnson MP, are divided.”

Peter Jacobs, head of the student anti-Brexit group Our Future Our Choice York, also spoke at the event. He told YorkMix:

  • I’m here representing Our Future Our Choice because we believe that we do not want to be worst off than our parents, we don’t want to threaten peace and security in northern Ireland and the EU is our biggest trading partner so we want to stay in the EU.

    We believe that the Brexit that is emerging is not the Brexit that people voted for. We do need to see change in this country but that does not mean we need to leave the EU.

    I think there has been a sea of change in this country so I’m here campaigning for a people’s vote.

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