What a bunch of ‘tossers’ – This is how much rubbish was left by the river last night

The rubbish bagged up on King's Staith this morning. Photographs: YorkMix
26 Jun 2020 @ 7.47 am
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On signs in Tower Gardens, the council urges: ‘Don’t be a tosser’.

Judging by the amount of rubbish left by the riverside in a few short hours, there were plenty of tossers in the city last night.

Great mound of rubbish bags at King’s Staith and Tower Gardens this morning (Friday) attest to the amount of litter strewn across these beautiful river location.

The amount of litter infuriated city police, who tweeted out this picture:

Photograph: NPT York North on Twitter

NPT York North said:

  • We can think of stronger words to describe peoples attitudes to public drinking and leaving litter everywhere at the moment, but #DontBeATosser will have to do!

    It’s your city people, look after it. This is happening all over York at the moment.

Council staff’s hard work

It’s only because of the hard work of the council’s cleansing teams that the day starts with the city looking spick and span.

The mess comes a day after we reported that people were urinating in Tower Gardens and at King’s Staith. Culprits may face on-the-spot fines in future.

And it comes after City of York Council put up signs in Tower Gardens saying this:

Photograph: YorkMix