Well-loved York shop to close after 65 years in same family

30 Apr 2015 @ 9.48 pm
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When tailor CE Seymour first opened in York, Clement Attlee was Prime Minister, Educating Archie made its debut on the radio and rationing was still part of every day life.

Now, 65 years on, owner Richard Seymour is to hang up his tape measure for the last time and shut up shop.

Between them Richard and his father Charles Edward Seymour have stitched beautiful, hand-made suits for generations of York men.

The business was opened by First World War veteran Charles in Church Street in 1950. It moved to its present location, an historic building backing on to the medieval city walls on Bootham, in 1990.

Seymour's has been around a long time
Seymour’s has been around a long time

The shop has thrived through several recessions by priding itself on traditional values and excellent customer service.

Richard said it has become a York institution.

Our customers are spread all over the world, from New Zealand to Canada.

Many people have come to York on holiday, visited the shop, and then stayed as customers for years, sometimes decades.

Many customers over the years have added York into their holiday itinerary just to visit the shop.

Despite the popularity of the business with foreign visitors, it is the residents of York and North Yorkshire that have proved to be the mainstay of the company.

“It has been a real pleasure to serve the people of North Yorkshire for all these years,” Richard added.

“As a business we have never really moved with the times, instead we believe that if we look after our customers they will look after us, and I think it is this that has kept people coming back to us year after year.”

Established 1950, closing in August: the CE Seymour shop on Bootham
Established 1950, closing in August: the CE Seymour shop on Bootham

Having decided to retire, Richard will be putting up the closed sign for the final time this August.

“I’m 70 next February and I think the time is right to close the business and enjoy my retirement,” he said.

“I’m looking forward to taking up some new hobbies and spending more time with my wife, children and grandchildren.”

7 thoughts on “Well-loved York shop to close after 65 years in same family

  1. Mr Seymour made me a suit in the 1960s I think it would have been Mr Seymour senior, it was the best suit I ever had, I’ve never had another suit as good since, what a shame there’s no one to carry the business on. Happy retirement

  2. Like others I came across Richard many years ago during my time as a tour guide. He made me trousers that actually fitted !. Over the years we have become more like friends than business acquaintences, and whilst I am pleased that Richard retiring to enjoy life, it is certainly a great loss to York and many people. All the best Rich !!!!

  3. Had my wedding suit made in Church St shop. 1975 Still got it. Might need altered thow !!! But still looks good

  4. Mr. Seymour Senior, with is silver hair small moustache and very gentlemany manner, made a lovely suit for me in the late 1950’s when he was still at the Church Street shop. I was only in my late teens and I needed a suit to go dancing in, to learn to dance that is, to get the girls. It was in Lovat Green shepherds check, twin vents with slanted pockets to the jacket, an outside ticket pocket, single breasted, slim lapels with a link button. The trousers were flat fronted with narrow bottoms. It was the ‘dogs bollocks’ and my Mum paid for it on the ‘never never’.

    Well, it worked and I met a beautiful young lady at the Court School of Dancing. We married in 1960 and this year we will celebrate 55 years of ‘total bliss’ together.

    Thank you Mr. Seymour – you suit sure did it for me !

  5. Sorry to hear of your retirement, I bet a great knowledge of Local History, have a great retirement and enjoy. Thankyou Mr Seymour and family

  6. Such a shame, it’s a great shop. He was always very tactful when I had my trousers altered – said I had ‘a hollow back’ when the truth is I have a big bum! Happy retirement!

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