Website launched to help hard-pressed York retailers

Photograph: Mike Petrucci / Unsplash
8 Apr 2020 @ 7.56 pm
| Business

The woman behind the York Proms has launched a new initiative for the city – a website for city retailers.

Professional singer and record label owner Rebecca Fewtrell decided to launch the site after the coronavirus emergency led to “a disaster for local retailers”.

Rebecca said: “We plan to use all available modern technology to help bring the community together and create a network of customers and retailers.

“Rather than people automatically going to Amazon or major online shops, I’d like to see people spending their money in the local community, helping to support local jobs and the local economy.”

The website, York Virtual High Street, has attracted more than 2,000 page likes and more than 1,000 shoppers have signed up for regular mailings.

You can browse and buy local products online.

“Even though people will be concerned about incomes, we will all still need to make purchases, whether it’s a new pair of shoes for your child, a birthday gift for mum, kitchen accessories, clothes, jewellery and much more,” Rebecca said.

“The government is urging companies to diversity and get online, so we are helping with that.”