Watch: York firefighters hoist a stranded horse to safety in river bank rescue

Nearly there… Photograph: NYFRS Acomb 2 on Twitter
8 Jun 2020 @ 5.29 pm
| News

Using a combination of ingenuity, specialist equipment, and human muscle power, firefighters rescued a horse trapped by the river today.

A crew from Acomb Fire Station worked alongside their animal rescue specialist colleagues from Ripon to save the stranded animal.

They were called out at 8.41am this morning (Monday) to the riverbank at Nun Monkton.

Photograph: NYFRS Acomb 2 on Twitter

The horse was stuck in a gap on the bank, perilously close to the water, and unable to climb back out.

Using a special harness and lifting equipment, fire crews hoisted the animal from its precarious spot on the embankment and back to safety.

North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service tweeted: “Well done from crews from Acomb and Ripon who released, unharmed, a horse that was trapped on an embankment this morning, using animal rescue equipment and with the help of a farmer.”