Watch: What it’s like policing York Station on a busy Saturday night – as ‘people get drunker and drunker’

Saturday night at York Station – a still from Channel 4 doc Railway 24/7
13 Jul 2020 @ 7.41 pm
| Entertainment

A documentary series shows what it’s like to be a police officer in the thick of a busy Saturday night at York Station – and it’s not easy.

The Railway 24/7 has been documenting life at train company TransPennine Express. The fifth episode, which airs on Channel 5 on Wednesday (15 July), concentrates on the partnership between the company and British Transport Police.

And it follows rookie officer Chris Short on his first Saturday night shift at York Station.

According to the publicity for the programme – recorded long before the coronavirus lockdown – PC Short “must deal with a wave of drunk and disorderly passengers”.

He tells the filmmakers: “It’s a bit of a baptism of fire.

“Dealing with drunk people, you’ve got to be on the ball with it – the unpredictability of what could happen next.

“And unfortunately, as the night goes on, people get drunker and drunker.”

He says York is a very popular spot with people travelling from Teesside, Durham and the Newcastle area – and admits to feeling nervous with four hours of his shift to go as “anything could happen”.

And then he gets an urgent call for back up…

The episode also shows how the British Transport Police and TransPennine Express are working together to combat county lines drug dealing.

The fifth episode of The Railway 24/7, made by Blast! Films, will be aired on Wednesday 15 July at 8pm on Channel 5