Watch out! A T Rex will stalk the streets of York this weekend…

One of the T Rexes used in the Dinosaur World Live show
4 Apr 2019 @ 7.30 pm
| Entertainment

A dinosaur with huge teeth will be on the loose in York this weekend.

But don’t panic, Tybalt the T Rex (pictured below) would just love to meet you.

He’s the creation of the Dinosaur World Live team which comes to the York Barbican later this month.

Backed by the York BID, the team are bringing their large Tyrannosaurus Rex puppet to St Helen’s Square at 1pm and again at 2pm on Saturday (6 April).

Measuring 4.7m long, 1.3m wide and 2.2m high Tybalt is a sight worth seeing. And it kicks off an afternoon of emergency services activities.

Remarkably lifelike

Tybalt the T Rex on a previous walkabout in Leicester
Dinosaur World Live uses stunning puppetry to bring remarkably life-like dinosaurs to the stage.

T Rex in York!

  • Sat Apr 6 @ 1pm – 2.30pm
  • St Helen’s Square, York
  • Free
  • More details

As well as the T Rex, the show features a Giraffatitan, Microraptor, Segnosaurus and Triceratops.

Meanwhile, Tybalt the Tyrannosaurus will be joined in York city centre on Saturday by police and other emergency services.

They are inviting inviting families to come and meet the people who keep them safe.

North Yorkshire Police officers will be on Coney Street this Saturday afternoon with a marked police van for youngsters to explore.

They’ll also be joined by firefighters from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, staff from Yorkshire Ambulance Service, and volunteers from York Rescue Boat – among others.

Get a 999 selfie

Photograph: North Yorkshire Police
The emergency services have joined forces to give members of the local community the chance to get to know them, and discuss any issues they might have.

Inspector Andy Godfrey, from York City Neighbourhood Policing Team, said:

  • There will be emergency vehicles stationed along Coney Street on Saturday afternoon, and it’s a great opportunity for people to stop by and say hello.

    The city centre will be busy with events like the Great York Bunny Search and a Dinosaur World Live T-Rex model, so we’re hoping to meet lots of families as they pass by.

    “Of course, due to the nature of what we do, we might get called away, but we’re hoping to be available from 12pm to 6pm. So if you’re in the city centre on Saturday, do stop by to see us, have a chat, and maybe even get a selfie.