Watch: ‘I’m absolutely raging’ – Paramedic’s fury as A64 is packed with ‘halfwits’ going to the moors and coast

Yorkshire paramedic Jon Richards. Photograph: Twitter
22 Mar 2020 @ 8.21 pm
| News

A Yorkshire paramedic has let rip at the ‘idiots and halfwits’ who have travelled to and from the North Yorkshire moors and coast today.

In an impassioned Twitter video, Jon Richards, clinical development manager at Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust, says:

  • It’s been a lovely day in North Yorkshire.

    The sun’s been shining, the birds have been singing – and the A64 has been packed with idiots driving to and from the coast and the moors.

    I’m absolutely raging at how inconsiderate and stupid these halfwits are.

    Do you not understand that social distancing means actually keeping your distance?

The video has been watched thousands of times on Twitter.

He goes on: “I cannot believe the absolute idiocy of these people.

“As I’m sat here now there’s cars flying past me, going back home after a lovely day on the moors.

“This has just got to stop people. You don’t understand how serious this is going to get.”

His message comes as the number of confirmed cases in both York and North Yorkshire has risen again, and as council and police leaders urged people to observe social distancing.