Watch: Here’s the strange new world that students will face at one York secondary school

A socially-distanced Huntington School classroom. Photograph: John Tomsett on Twitter
12 Jun 2020 @ 7.49 am
| Education

A York headteacher has created a walk-through video showing the strange new world of school that students will find when they return.

Huntington School has been open to teach children of key workers throughout the lockdown.

It will begin welcoming back Year 10 and 12 students in the week beginning 22 June.

Head teacher John Tomsett created this video to show what safety measures are in place, and the protocols the students should follow.

Only 25% of each year group will be allowed in each day, and there will be no classes on Wednesdays to allow for a deep clean.

There is a strict system of movement throughout the school, from the moment pupils arrive.

Year 10 students will go to their classes via the gym, where they will queue to wash their hands at one of the portable hand washing stations.

Two metre distancing is marked out by tape on corridor floors.

Four rooms are being used for Year 10s. Each classroom has tape around each desk and chair to ensure distancing. Around 15 pupils per room will be allowed in each room.

Year 12s will use the dining hall for hand washing before going to their designated rooms.

Mr Tomsett said: “I’m quite aware of how odd and strange this is, and how one might claim it’s quite extreme but it is what the government has told us to do.

“But we have to do everything we possibly can to ensure infection rates are kept to a minimum.”