Watch: Fox filmed wandering around the empty streets of York city centre

Vulpine explorer… the fox in York city centre, in images from the video by Pete Kilbane

Nature is healing. Wildlife is returning.

A fox was spotted roaming around a deserted York city centre – at about 9pm on Saturday night (Saturday, 11 April).

A video of the wild animal scampering up Stonegate was captured by councillor Pete Kilbane, while he was out on his daily walk.

Stonegate, 9pm Bank Holiday Saturday and the revellers have made way for this little fella.

Posted by Pete Kilbane on Saturday, 11 April 2020

The street – which would usually packed with people on a Saturday evening on a Bank Holiday weekend – was deserted because of the coronavirus lockdown according to Cllr Kilbane.

And the quiet streets have given wild animals an opportunity to boldly explore the city.

Cllr Kilbane said: “I thought it was a cat at first but when I saw it was a fox I started filming it.

“I guess they are always there but we don’t normally see them.”

He is not the only one to spot a vulpine explorer in the city centre, as these Facebook comments show:

Anne-marie Lee
There is one that gangs around bottom of Piccadilly! Seen it about 5:15 at teatime!

Shannon Barnes
I was watching them from my window with my light on and one stood at the gate staring at me.

Tony Carson
He looks quite familiar. We have a regular in the Walmgate area.

Megan Gilmore
it probably is the same bastard that chased me down Foss Islands path