Watch: Firefighters come to the aid of a man in difficulties on his canoe in York

A still from Michael Neal's film showing the firefighters arriving
29 Jun 2020 @ 7.47 pm
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Swollen by the recent rains, the River Ouse in York was a treacherous place to be today (Monday).

It was also set to claim two canoes moored on the waters at King’s Staith.

One man attempting to save the boats was helped out by firefighters this morning.

And the whole thing was captured on video by riverside resident Michael Neal.

Posted by Michael Neal on Monday, 29 June 2020

Posted by Michael Neal on Monday, 29 June 2020

A North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service spokesman said: “The York crew came to the assistance of a male whose canoe was unstable due to it being lashed to another which had been effected by rising water levels in York. 

“One male, aged in his 50s, assisted to dry land by firecrew using scaffolding board from the bankside.”

The man managed to save one of the canoes, but the other was lost under the water.