Watch: A herd of cows take a stroll down a York street – at midnight

The cows in Osbaldwick. Photograph: Charlotte Robinson on Twitter
28 Apr 2020 @ 12.04 pm
| News

The cows will move at midnight.

It sounds like a secret code shared by spies. But in this case, the cows really did move at midnight.

A whole herd of cattle decided to go for a night-time stroll through the streets of Osbaldwick.

Video: Charlotte Robinson on Twitter

Happily the strange events were captured on video by Charlotte Robinson. She was surprised to look out of her bedroom window to find “40-50 cows chilling”.

She told YorkMix:

  • I could hear some strange noises so thought someone was breaking in, went to the window which faces our street and at first they were all surrounding my boyfriend’s car.

    It felt like I was dreaming, but just thankful we weren’t being robbed!

Charlotte said the cows didn’t do any damage – “just ate a few of my potted plants at the front and left some of their remains over the drive and street. They also had a good lick at the car!”

She called the police who soon had the runaways – clearly ignoring social distancing rules – under control.

“We’ve never seen anything like this before,” Charlotte said. “A couple of neighbours woke up and seemed just as confused!

“I believe the owner lives a couple of houses down from us and they said someone had pinched the fencing from the fields behind them and that’s why they were loose.”

Someone has already been out to clean up most of the mess.

And the cows are all safely back in the field, none the worse for their midnight adventure.