Videos and gallery: Hundreds of people in York join the Global Climate Strike to demand changes to save the planet

20 Sep 2019 @ 12.45 pm
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Led by young people, a huge crowd turned the centre of York into a demand for change as they joined the Global Climate Strike today (Friday).

They gathered in St Helen’s Square from 11.30am to protest at the lack of action to tackle runaway climate change.

Students walked out of their classrooms in schools across York to lead the protests, as they have been doing in a series of climate strikes which began in February.

Videos from the day

But this one was different – the Global Climate Strike has been called “the biggest international climate mobilisation in history” with millions around the world joining the demonstrations.

In York students took to the microphone to urge action from political leaders to make the changes the planet needs.

They also called on everyone to play their part by reducing their reliance on car journeys, eating less meat and avoiding single-use plastic.

Among the adult speakers were Rachael Maskell who castigated City of York Council for planning to build a new city centre car park and not doing enough to recycle plastics.

Rosie Baker of the York Green Party told the gathering that York needed a Local Plan that reflected the climate emergency.

Cllr Christian Vassie, chair of the climate change scrutiny committee, couldn’t be there. But his daughters Dominique and Roxanne came to speak on his behalf, saying: “It is never too late. Your voices are behind. Shout loudly to awaken the sleeping giant and to arouse the confidence and energy of others.”

As well as a number of speakers, the protest featured musical performances from local bands and a march across the city centre.

York Global Climate Strike gallery


2 thoughts on “Videos and gallery: Hundreds of people in York join the Global Climate Strike to demand changes to save the planet

  1. Just been to look at York’s #GlobalClimateStrike. Lots of “System change not climate change” slogans. But what are the systems they want. I prefer something more specific.

    Although enthused by the buzz, I also felt disappointed because we need to be more specific and …

    Change to a system

    … which bans cars
    … with no flying
    … that bans beef
    … that taxes steel
    … that plants trees

    York council have declared a climate emergency but are going along with car friendly York Central

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