Video: York Rescue Boat team rescue drunken man from drowning

4 Oct 2015 @ 10.09 am
| News

A man was rescued from the Ouse on Saturday night (October 3) after jumping in to the river.

The York Rescue Boat team was quickly on hand to pull the man to safety.

Video shot from the banks of the river and posted on the Facebook page

He was lucky to to be alive, the crew wrote on their Facebook page.

Our crew was on scene quickly and had to facilitate a rescue.

The male was heavily intoxicated and instantly suffering from cold water shock.

The river is currently 11 degrees and drastically reduced his ability to swim.

With the amount of alcohol he had consumed, he was extremely lucky he didn’t drown.

It’s not worth the risk.

‘What a muppet’

A still from the video shows the man pulled from the river
A still from the video shows the man pulled from the river

The incident provoked anger at the man’s actions and praise for the rescue team from residents on the Facebook page.

So stupid! He wants to think himself extremely lucky those guys were on scene….. some were not so fortunate

– Jane Field

What does it take to make people realise they will die jumping in that river. Thank god we have you guys risking your lives to save others!

– Lorna Bowling

So well done to all of you for saving his life. Fabulous work. I hope you all feel very proud of yourselves. You’re doing an amazing job

– Kate McClean

What a muppet!! well done guys your service will save many lives, keep up the fantastic work that you are doing.

– Gillian Scott

What an idiot .. I hope he has the decency to thank you guys for saving his life and gives a donation !

– Beccie Hillman