Video: Stephen Mulhern goes ghostbusting in York

Ghostbuster Stephen Mulhern filming in Shambles, York. Photographs: Richard McDougall
15 Aug 2019 @ 6.30 pm
| Entertainment

As reported in YorkMix yesterday, Stephen Mulhern is filming across the city for his new ITV game show.

Today (Thursday 15 August), he donned a Ghostbusters outfit and, accompanied by one of the city’s ghost walk guides, filmed multiple takes and intros down Shambles.

The ever-busy street quickly became even more packed as word spread and excited fans flocked to Insta themselves with him.

Earlier in the day, he was seen filming a segment on Parliament street, wearing a flamboyant gold jacket.

He completed the Shambles segment with a cut-scene in the grounds of St Crux Church.

They then headed across the road to look for ghosts in the Golden Fleece on Pavement – York’s ‘most haunted pub’.