Video: Police called to karaoke party in York

Police at the scene in the Groves, York
22 May 2020 @ 6.03 pm
| News

It began as an added extra to the clap for carers, turned into an impromptu karaoke session – and ended with police intervention.

This all happened yesterday evening (Thursday) on Townend Street in the Groves. And the incident was caught on video by a YorkMix reader.

A man hosted a singalong session from his balcony, complete with loudspeaker.

And a number of people gathered on other balconies and in front gardens underneath to listen and join in.

“They were loving it, and asking for more,” the reader told YorkMix.

“There weren’t that many people – but some of them did seem to be breaking the restrictions.”

Someone called the police “and about six or seven officers turned up, in a van and on a bike”.

They kept a watching brief for a while before intervening.

A North Yorkshire Police spokeswoman said: “Police received reports about a group of people playing loud music in a street in York at around 7.35pm yesterday (Thursday 21 May 2020).

“Officers attended and spoke to a small number of people who went back into their home address.”