Video: Ingenious York man takes his wife to a restaurant and the movies – without leaving the house

Gordon and Tarun Young
24 Apr 2020 @ 5.04 pm
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Most of us are going nowhere fast right now. But that didn’t stop one creative York husband taking his wife out to a restaurant and then the cinema.

Gordon Young recreated the whole evening without leaving his Haxby home.

He and wife Tarun have been married for 27 years but still like to go on date night.

“I asked Tarun where she would choose to go out for a meal if we could go to a restaurant and she said Italian,” Gordon said.

“So with the help of my daughters, we set up our kitchen as an Italian restaurant, complete with Italian Restaurant music courtesy of YouTube (Gordinio’s and Tazonio’s Italian Trattoria!) and a bit of my Italian cycling garb hung up.”

Usher action

A date isn’t a date without a trip to the pictures. And here’s where Gordon became extra imaginative.

Gordon said:

  • I printed out tickets and put corresponding seat numbers on the sofas in our front room. With the lights down, I then pretended to be the usher and used a torch to walk Tarun to her seat.

    I put on the Odeon visual intro using YouTube and played the Chris Overton speech that’s usually heard before screenings (enjoy the film, turn off your mobiles etc).

    The Pearl & Dean music completed the build-up but before I started the movie, I came around with an improvised tray around my neck, filled with ice cream tubs, crisps, drinks and popcorn.

    It was just a bit of silliness to show my partner how much I care.

Welcome to the Haxby Landings Cinema

His story has been shared by ScS, Sofa Carpet Specialists, who have been looking for the perfect lockdown date. You can find your own by taking the quiz on their website here.

Another story shared by ScS is that of keen travellers, Eve North and Ed Biondini, also from York.

Eve said they are looking ahead “One afternoon we bought some post-it notes and made a list of all the things we want to do post-quarantine.

Their travel planner

“They mostly involve travel destinations! It’s just nice to think about the future and look forward to some of the things that we took for granted before this all started.”

Dale Gillespie, Head of acquisition at ScS, said: “These are really tough times for everybody, but it’s great to see that Brits are still finding time for love at home!”