Video: Iconic York City clock taken down as it goes into injury time

18 Feb 2020 @ 1.07 pm
| Sport

For years anxious York City supporters have consulted it to see how long was left before the full time whistle.

If the team were losing, it would show how long they had left to equalise. If City were hanging on for a win, its hands never seemed to move.

Now though, fans will have to look elsewhere for their time checks. Because the iconic York City clock has been taken down from its position atop the Pop Stand.

The good news is, this is not full time for the clock. It has been taken down for refurbishment.

In memory of Phil

Down but not out: the York City clock. Photograph: York City FC
The ‘Pop Stand Clock’ was donated and placed on the stand in 1990 in memory of Phil Dearlove – a lifelong City supporter who had passed away.

“With the recent adverse weather conditions the clock had become dislodged and we have taken the decision to remove it prematurely after consulting with the Dearlove family,” the club said on their website.

City are to fund the refurb and it will soon have a new home within the fanzone at the new LNER Community Stadium.