Video: ‘He’s very clingy now’ – How the death of Gerald the York Minster cat has affected brother Donald

Donald, brother of Gerald the York Minster cat. Photograph: David Dunning
6 Oct 2020 @ 7.51 pm
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The owner of Gerald the York Minster cat has revealed how his brother Donald was affected by his death.

Gerald died last month, and Justine Spencer said the bengal is clearly missed by Donald.

Loved by locals and visitors alike, Gerald made many friends in the city when on his daily rounds.

After YorkMix broke the news, his death made the headlines in the national newspapers and even on Radio 2.

Justine told us that Donald followed her into Dean’s Park when she buried Gerald and even hopped into the grave to say goodbye.

She said he then sat there for a long time before leaving.

“Now he’s always by my side in the house and in the garden bless him,” she said. “It has definitely had an effect he’s been spending more time at home and is very clingy.”

Statue plan raises £1,200

Very popular… Gerald

Because Gerald was so well known in the city of York his friends thought it would be a nice idea to have a statue of him.

A crowdfunding page was started and that has raised £1,200 so far.

The money will be used to commission a sculpture and Justine is currently considering where it could be located.

It will be somewhere close to the Minster in a position that reflects the wide area that Gerald used to roam.

If anyone has any ideas about location or a site on a building then let us know and we will pass on your ideas.

Justine said she was so grateful to all the people who had given money.

“We have been overwhelmed by the donations whatever the sculpture will look like and wherever it is it will be gorgeous.

“We are all very touched as a family – thank you.”

Meanwhile Gerald was mentioned in an Evensong for the Feast of St Francis at York Minster where they were celebrating the many pets, past and present, of the Minster Precinct. You can watch it on the York Minster Facebook page.