Video: ‘Hero’ postman hit by runaway van after it rolls down York road

The postman valiantly tries to stop the van in a still from the video by Scott James
15 Oct 2018 @ 9.01 pm
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If you thought you’d had a bad day, spare a thought for this postman.

First he had the back luck to lose control of his van in York. Then he bravely chased after it only to be bumped against a wall for his trouble.

And then he was filmed as it all happened.

??? No one was driving, don’t know what went wrong but it was parked on a slope.

Posted by Scott James on Monday, October 15, 2018

The video was shot by Scott James on Boroughbridge Road, close to its junction with Manor Drive North.

It has now been watched more than 60,000 times on Facebook. Scott told YorkMix:

  • I honestly thought it would stop or he would have let it hit the wall. I was surprised he got between – it’s just a work van!

    He moved straight away after it rolled back and got in the van and moved it off the road so I assumed he must be OK.

One of the commenters, Nicola James, agreed. “Poor guy is a hero!” she wrote.

“He has seen his van rolling, jumped in front of it so as not to cause any damage to his works van and then gets crushed against the wall!

“Not only that after rescuing his van and taking a massive hit he went on to finish his round and take the mail back to his office (hubby is a postman).

“Not all heroes wear capes!”

Arianne Dickens gave the driver “full marks for his commitment to his van/job!”