Video: Gillygate closed as water main bursts, flooding road

The burst water main on Gillygate. Photographs: Janet Jacobi
10 Jun 2020 @ 9.36 pm
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Gillygate has been closed tonight (Wednesday) after a water main burst.

Water has erupted on the pavement near Gillygate Guest House and Wackers Fish and Chips, dislodging paving stones and cascading down the street.

Video courtesy of Dominic Bamber

One resident said: “The pavement literally exploded. Residents had to stop a bus going through it in case of a sink hole.

“Gillygate closed again. Ironically it’s outside the flat that was on fire.”

Buses are being diverted. First York said they are re-routing Services 1, 5/5A and 6.

Police were on the scene this evening.

Quite a mess
Water pours from the pavement

One thought on “Video: Gillygate closed as water main bursts, flooding road

  1. I reported this problem about a year ago and it led to ‘minor’ overnight repairs. Water was welling up throught the footpath and also cracks in the centre of the road over quite an extensive area almost certainly damaging the substructure of the road so further damage is not really a surprise.

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