Updated: Heroic police officer saves couple from house blaze

The house on fire. Photograph: Shook. @GemmaLittlewoo1 on Twitter
17 Feb 2020 @ 8.59 am
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North Yorkshire Police this afternoon paid tribute to the bravery of a York officer who entered a burning building to rescue two people inside.

The incident at the property on Huntington Road was reported to the police at 10.35pm on Sunday (16 February 2020).

The fire was caused by a faulty tumble dryer and started in the adjoining garage where the dryer is kept.

The garage was well alight and smoke was quickly filling the whole building.

One of the police officers who was first on the scene bravely entered the house and helped a 64-year-old man and a woman, 60, to escape to safety from the living room.

She suffered from smoke inhalation and attended York Hospital for treatment. The man and woman from the house were also checked over at the hospital.

Four fire crews from York, Huntington and Acomb put out the fire.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesperson said:

  • The brave and quick-thinking actions of the police officer helped to ensure this incident did not have a tragic outcome.

    The officer is a credit to North Yorkshire Police and she can be very proud that she has helped to save the lives of the home owners.


Some participants/witnesses have called into account some of the circumstances outlined in this story, based on the official police account.

In response Dep Chief Constable Phil Cain responded on the North Yorkshire Police Facebook page with this:

“I am the Deputy Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police and firstly I would like to say that we are extremely glad everyone got out of the fire safely and hope everyone is recovering from such a traumatic ordeal.

“I have spoken to the officer’s commander who has spoken directly to the officer concerned. The officer confirmed she did enter the building through the front door, observed 2 people exit the rear and then helped one person to leave by the front door.

“They then went next door to see if anyone needed their help. The officer suffered smoke inhalation and was taken to hospital.

“I am sure it was a confusing and frightening situation so accept there will be conflicting accounts. Once again, the most important aspect is everyone is safe and well.”