Uncanny! Meet the York man mistaken for Samuel L Jackson all round the world

Just to be clear, this is Patrick Rufus. Not Samuel L Jackson. We think…
1 Sep 2016 @ 5.26 pm
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Is this who we think it is?

The answer, apparently, is no. This isn’t legendary star of movies including Jurassic Park, Pulp Fiction and Star Wars Samuel L Jackson – but the equally legendary Patrick Rufus, head of estimating at York company Paragon Creative Limited.

And it was Patrick who was photographed at the Micklegate Run Soapbox Challenge – prompting speculation that SLJ was in town.

The case of mistaken identity is not surprising: he does look uncannily like the Hollywood actor.

“This has been going on for about 20 years. I get recognised all over the world,” Patrick told YorkMix.

“It’s a laugh – you go with the flow. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest.”

‘There you go Mr Jackson’

The real thing? Samuel L Jackson. Photograph © pinguino k on Wikipedia
Have you ever seen Samuel L Jackson and Patrick in a room together? Thought not… Photograph © pinguino k on Wikipedia

It doesn’t matter if he’s in York or on another continent, people flock round Patrick.

“Whether it’s locals, tourists – if I have my Kangol hat on, that does it. I get mistaken for him all over the place.

patrick-rufus-samuel-l-jackson-cutoutAlthough he works at Paragon’s Elvington HQ, Patrick hails from West Yorkshire – but even his Yorkshire accent doesn’t throw the fans.

“We went on holiday to Canada and it was just ridiculous with all the Japanese tourists – pictures requested, autographs…

“I just go along with it. I play along with them.”

There are advantages though…

We were queuing up to go into the CN Tower in Toronto. There must have been two or three hundred people in the queue when we got there.

The person going up and down the line counting all the tourists to go in the lift clocked me, took my wife and I to the front of the queue, opened the lift door and said ‘there you go Mr Jackson’.

That’s god’s honest truth. I bypassed 300 people, and straight up there.

Of course I didn’t say anything!

Golf and swearing

The amazing Roman chariot – Paragon Creative's entry into the Micklegate soapbox challenge
The amazing Roman chariot – Paragon Creative’s entry into the Micklegate soapbox challenge
Patrick has considered putting himself forward to a lookalike agency, but never got round to it.

He’s a big fan of Samuel. “I think he’s absolutely brilliant,” he says. And there are similarities between the two besides looks.

In many of his movie roles Mr Jackson is known for his colourful language. As for Patrick, he says “That doesn’t need perfecting!”

And although, at 61, Patrick is seven years younger than the actor, they do share a love of the same sport.

“I do play golf like him. What’s his handicap, is it eight? I got down to nine… But I haven’t played in a while.

“I entered a competition in Scotland. And lo and behold, mistaken again! Weird.”

Guest appearance

The Micklegate picture that sparked the speculation
The Micklegate picture that sparked the speculation
Patrick was in the crowd at the Micklegate soapbox challenge to support the Paragon entry, a remarkable Roman chariot complete with horse.

They are already discussing what to do in the 2017 contest.

“We’ve even spoken about doing one next year, based on a Samuel Jackson film – Snakes On A Plane or something.

“So I could be handing out a prize or doing a special guest appearance for Paragon.”

Snakes In A Soapbox… has kind of a ring to it…