Two women try to snatch bag from inside a car as it waited at traffic lights in York

Lord Mayor's Walk in York, close to its junction with Gillygate. Photograph © Google Street View
22 May 2020 @ 4.30 pm
| Crime

Two women attempted to snatch a bag from a car while it was waiting at a York junction.

Today the driver told of her shock at the attempted daylight robbery.

Bethan Vincent was driving home after a visit to a supermarket on Wednesday. Because it was hot she had her windows partially wound down.

As she drove along Lord Mayor’s Walk two women pedestrians wearing grey hoodies looked over at her car.

“As the lights turned red and we came to a standstill one of them came back, leant in my car window and asked if I could give her a lift. I said no,” she told Minster FM.

“Then she asked if she could have my handbag and tried to grab it and I very quickly said some choice words that I won’t repeat.

“She was quite shocked at how quickly I responded and it escalated, so she ran off.”

Bethan has lived in York for nearly ten years and never experienced anything like it.

She has informed police who were “very responsive and helpful”. They are going to check CCTV to see if they can identify the culprits.

“It was very unnerving,” Bethan said. “To have someone come into your personal space like that was very strange. It took me a couple of minutes to realise that that’s not OK.”

And she advised other drivers not to leave valuables on the passenger seat, and to stay alert.