Tree inspection launched after large branch crashes onto York street

The fallen branch at Matmer Court
29 Jun 2020 @ 7.27 am
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City of York Council has authorised a full tree inspection after a heavy branch fell onto a city street.

The branch fell on Matmer Court, off Melrosegate, from one of the trees in neighbouring Hull Road Park.

“It narrowly missed a resident’s car parked near the building and, had a resident been in the vicinity, the consequences would have been extremely serious,” said directors of the residents’ management company in a letter to City of York Council.

The incident happened at 10pm on Monday 22 June.

The management company raised concerns with councillors about the overhanging branches in October 2017, and they were pruned back in spring 2018.

In their letter last week they wrote:

  • However, given the size, age and proximity to the homes of residents of these trees we would now ask the council to carry out an urgent inspection of the trees to assess their safety and, going forward, to implement a proactive management plan to ensure they do not pose a future risk of injury, or worse, to local residents.

Prompt response

Matmer Court, where the branch fell. Photograph © Google Street View

Judith Mannion, a director of the residents’ management company, said the council had acted swiftly.

She was contacted by the parks department to confirm a full tree inspection will be carried out. 

Judith said: “We’re obviously alarmed that the fallen branch is so close to residents’ properties but we do appreciate the prompt response we’ve had from the council, particularly at what must be a difficult time for their operations.

“We understand a full tree inspection will now be carried out over the next few weeks and we’re hopeful that the trees can be managed within the authority’s ongoing tree programme so that they don’t pose a future safety risk.”

A City of York Council council spokeswoman said: “Officers are aware of a tree branch dropping from a tree, which does happen on occasions.

“They have supported the residents and an inspection will be made.”