Today in York – Tuesday, September 4 2018

3 Sep 2018 @ 8.16 am
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Key updates

7:02 pm

York police attend three accidents and a stuck level crossing barrier

It’s a busy evening so far for the emergency services.

They have been called to three road traffic accidents. One was on the A1237 outer ring road roundabout near the Wetherby Whaler restaurant.

A second, described as serious, was on Tadcaster Road near its junction with St Helen’s Road. And a third, also on the ring road, was close to the fire station in Huntington – that is now clear.

Also the level crossing barrier on York Road in Haxby has been stuck in the down position.

11:01 am

Shadow transport secretary in York

Andy McDonald, the shadow transport secretary, was in York today as Labour spent the morning campaigning for better rail services.

Labour says they would spend at least £10bn if elected to create a ‘Crossrail for the North of England’.

In an interview from York, Mr McDonald told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme that there had been a ‘significant disparity’ in spending on rail services in the North compared to London.

He said the government’s proposed investment was ‘simply insufficient’

  • If we’re to get that better return, and better service, for the 16 million people in the North of England, we’ve got to commit to high-speed connectivity right across the North, and also to take the best possible advantage of HS2 when it comes to the North.

    York MP Rachael Maskell has also been out and about on the campaign, in her role as shadow rail minister.

8:20 am

Today’s weather

Light rain is forecast for this afternoon, with a top temperature of 21°C. Image courtesy of the Weather Channel.