This must be the most remarkable gift sold in York this Christmas

The Cairns Colt Peacemaker guitar in the MOR Music showroom. Photographs: Adam Walsh
23 Dec 2018 @ 7.18 pm
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Some music fan will be rocking around the Christmas tree this year.

Because a York music shop has recently sold one of the rarest instruments around – this remarkable Colt Peacemaker guitar.

MOR Music displayed the guitar in its Fossgate showroom until it was snapped up by an anonymous buyer earlier this month. Whether they bought it as an amazing Christmas present – or just a gift to themselves – we don’t know.

What we do know is that the Colt Peacemaker is at least 40 years old and has been kept in mint condition. And it had a guide price of around £10,000.

Made for rock stars

A close-up of the instrument
Designed to resemble an old Colt Peacemaker pistol, several were built through the 70s and 80s by English guitar technician Jim Cairnes.

For a brief period in 2010 one was held on display in the American guitar museum, and more recently one model was up for sale on eBay for £9,995.

It’s found a new home
There’s always something interesting at MOR Music

Country singer Billie Jo Spears bought one. Jim also built custom versions of the guitar for the likes of Chris Rea, The Shadows and The Eagles, according to Ebony and Ivory Music’s listing on eBay.

His skill has created a very special piece of guitar history, in which York has now played a brief part.