This is how many York people have coronavirus symptoms – and how many are flouting stay-at-home rules

Some folk taking their daily exercise on Stonegate on 1 April. Photograph: YorkMix
6 Apr 2020 @ 6.51 pm
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York – give yourself a pat on the back.

Our city is one of the best in the country when it comes to people adhering to the coronavirus health guidelines.

The latest figures from the government-backed Evergreen Life health website show how we compare to other centres – both in terms of people showing symptoms, and people following government advice to stay at home.

As of today (Monday, 6 April) 7% of York households have someone showing symptoms of Covid-19.

If we take York’s number of households to be 83,552 that would mean about 5,800 households have someone with symptoms.

That is very much at the low end – Swansea is one of the highest, with 29% of households affected.

In York 91% of people are staying at home. And the proportion of non-key workers who are flouting the stay-at-home rules is 5% – putting us near the top of the table for compliance.

The worst area for flouting the regulation is Middlesbrough, with a whopping 25% of non-key workers not staying at home.

The Evergreen Covid-19 Heat Map takes daily symptom and social distancing updates from users, excluding key workers.