They’re holding a ghost hunt in the Grand Opera House – dare you join in?

Credit: Ghost image: Syarafina Yusof / Unsplash; Grand Opera House photograph:
25 Feb 2020 @ 3.16 pm
| Entertainment

You can get your spook on at the Grand Opera House next month.

Paranormal Research York is hosting a ghost hunt after dark in the old theatre on 12 and 13 March. During the exploration, the theatre will be lit by the emergency lighting systems only – and the tour includes public participation throughout.

Paranormal Research York (PRY) is a team of experienced and professional paranormal investigators who live in York and investigate their own city.

Clare Bryant from PRY says:

  • We are very excited to be hosting the first ever ghost hunt at this amazing, historical building.

    From our first walk around at the Grand Opera House, we could feel the spirits already coming forward.

Human pendulum

A range of traditional methods will be used on the tour such as a human pendulum, divination activities and using crystals and divining rods.

There will also be equipment available for guests to use such as cameras and gadgets that can detect spirit energies. Get as involved as you dare!

“It’s so active here and the spirits seem keen to tell their own ghost stories,” says Kevin Spindloe from PRY.

“As a guest you can be involved in the activities or just watch. Either way you will experience an event like no other.”

There are no upcoming events at this time.