These breathtaking photographs show Yorkshire Air Ambulances flying over York Minster

Not a bad view… Photographs: Air TV Ltd
17 May 2020 @ 6.02 pm
| News

A spectacular fusion of ancient and modern – these new photographs capture the two Yorkshire Air Ambulances soaring over majestic York Minster.

They were captured by award-winning York production company Air TV, while filming the Helicopter ER TV series on Really.

Many readers contacted us on 5 May to say they had seen the air ambulances and a black helicopter circling the Minster.

Thankfully it wasn’t an emergency operation – the black helicopter was the one shooting the footage.

Shot by programme makers who are trained helicopter crew working alongside paramedics, Helictoper ER follows the air ambulances attending life-and-death emergencies across Yorkshire.

The show includes the stories of patients, shares accounts from medics, and follows ordinary people who are seriously injured or critically ill regaining their health.

Helicopter ER is on Monday nights at 9pm on the Really channel.