There’s FREE parking in York for the next two months. Here’s where

Monk Bar Car Park. Photograph © Google Street View
17 Jun 2020 @ 5.40 pm
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You will be able to park for free in York for July and August, in the latest move to support local businesses.

The free parking incentive includes two free hours’ parking starting from Saturday 4 July, reducing to one free hour of parking throughout August.

The free parking is available for all users of the Ringo Parking App if they park after 10am (seven days a week).


The offer is valid in council run car parks outside the city walls, namely:

  • Nunnery Lane
  • Union Terrace
  • Monk Bar
  • St George’s Field
  • Foss Bank, and
  • Bootham Row.


Car parks excluded are:

  • Piccadilly
  • Marygate
  • Castle Car Park
  • Esplanade
  • Bishopthorpe Road Car Parks
  • Moor Lane
  • East Parade, and
  • Rowntree Park.

Welcome back

Parliament Street shoppers this week

The free parking is part of the council’s Economic Recovery – Transport and Place strategy, to build resident, visitor and stakeholder confidence that York is a safe, healthy and attractive place for everyone to enjoy.

Council leader Keith Aspden said: “We are delighted to be able to offer free parking to encourage more people to shop locally and support York’s economy.

“I know our local businesses are looking forward to welcoming residents and visitors back, as they continue to adapt to the changes in national guidance.”

Deputy leader of the council Andy D’Agorne said: “A free parking offer is an important part of our approach to supporting businesses getting back on their feet, but we are also helping through extending the footsteets and introducing measures that encourage walking and cycling info the city centre.”

A report detailing the proposals will be taken to an Executive meeting on Thursday June 25 to approve the free parking incentive

7 thoughts on “There’s FREE parking in York for the next two months. Here’s where

  1. Leeds and Wakefield have had blanket free parking since lockdown and are reviewing in mid July. We always get the thin end of the wedge.

  2. Absolutly not long enough should be free all hours July August fees are so high you normally can’t afford to go in them
    You would be rushing around not worth it .
    Come on give us a break and the shops need us

  3. Agee with jean above 3 hours free after 10 am as it takes at least half hour walk from car park and back again so that only allows small time to shop and have coffee WAKE UP YORK do it Properly

  4. Wow can’t believe it they are actually giving York residents something go careful we might stop slagging you off (NOT)

  5. Whoopee, how generous of York Council!!
    1hr in August, it could take some people 15mins to walk from car parks to the centre. Come on York make it 3hrs.

    1. 2hrs then 1?! Who thought this up? Unprecedented times need Unprecedented forethought and thinking. As been mentioned, not enough time for some people, why not make it at least 6hrs, that way lots of businesses will attract loads of visitors, ordinary shopping followed by a meal or stop in a cafe. Local businesses need all the help they can get to try and recover from this virus.

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