The York Rescue Boat is back on the beat

7 Jun 2020 @ 10.04 pm
| Charity

York Rescue Boat resumed patrols this weekend Saturday (June 6).

The charity moved to emergency call-outs prior to the lockdown for the Covid-19 pandemic, but as the regulations are easing, more and more people are using the river banks for leisure actives.

Some people have been using it for their daily exercise throughout, but they are now being joined by greater numbers.

Most people who end up in waterways around the country did not intend to enter the water – for example people who have tripped, slipped or fallen and ended up in the river.

As well as being around for their safety, a minority of people are involved in a variety of anti-social behaviours and may also end up in need of being rescued.

How to help

The York Rescue Boat

Patrols will be extended to Clifton Ings and Millennium Bridge, and times changed to cover the afternoon and early evening.

As usual, York Rescue Boat will be co-ordinating with the emergency services, CCTV operators and York Street Rangers to keep the city as safe as possible.

York Operations Manager Rachel Lacy said: “Thanks to the generosity of the public in the past, we are still able to continue operating despite a temporary cessation of fund-raising activities during lockdown.

“We are unsure when these are likely to continue, and therefore any donations to help with our running costs will be greatly appreciated.”

You can donate by text by texting “YRB 1” to 700085 to donate £1, or change the number to any amount up to £20 if you want to donate more (your network will charge you the standard rate for a message).

Or visit the York Rescue Boat website for other ways to contribute.