‘The worst I can remember’: Popular family spot repeatedly strewn with rubbish – including soiled nappies and broken glass

Just some of the litter on Little Knavesmire. Photograph: Little Knavesmire on Twitter
24 Jun 2020 @ 5.31 pm
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This is just a small amount of the rubbish discarded on Little Knavesmire in York on a single day.

Neighbouring residents are going out and bagging up huge amounts of litter every morning – only for day trippers to leave the area looking like a tip again.

Chris Bartlet, who runs the Little Knavesmire Twitter account, told Minster FM: “It’s got much worse with the warmer weather, the schools being closed and people on furlough.

“This week’s been probably the worst that I can remember in terms of sheer volume of rubbish.

“Dirty nappies, broken bottles… you name it, it’s left on there. And you’re talking bags and bags of the stuff.

“We’re not just talking about a small amount of litter.”

‘It’s not acceptable’

A lovely spot – when there’s no litter – Little Knavesmire. Photograph: Little Knavesmire on Twitter

He had a simple message for the culprits.

“It’s a beautiful space. Go and enjoy it, as we all do, but just take your litter with you. Bag it up and put it next to the bins. Don’t leave a disgusting mess.

“For me it’s not acceptable. People need to take responsibility.”

People living next to Little Knavesmire are spending their time before work every morning bagging up other people’s mess.

“We tidy it up so it’s perfect, spick and span for 9am – and the following morning it’s exactly the same as it was before. It’s a never-ending process.”

The call comes just days after York city police complained about the “absolute disgrace” of the mess left by the river:

This Summer we will have to enjoy the great outdoors more. If you’re planning on enjoying the nice weather down by the…

Posted by York City Police on Sunday, 21 June 2020