The world waits with bated breath – When will the York railway goose eggs hatch?

The goose sits on her eggs at York station. Photographs: Danny Lawson/PA Wire
4 May 2020 @ 7.33 pm
| News

We’ve got some more pictures of the world’s most feted mother-to-be this evening.

The goose, who has become the darling of social media since laying her eggs at York station, is now sitting and waiting. And we must wait with her.

She is guarding over her clutch of four eggs in the entrance to the railway station.

Her temporary home has been surrounded by crash barriers, so that those still travelling through the station don’t get too close.

The story of the goose taking advantage of lockdown to bring a family into the world in what is normally one of the North’s busiest stations has captured the imagination of people desperate for some good news in these challenging times.

The LNER’s special #goosecam Twitter videos have been viewed tens of thousands of times.

The eggs were first spotted by British Transport Police on 19 April, and goose eggs typically take about 30 days to gestate so we may still have a while yet to see those long-awaited goslings.