The Groves could be traffic-free within two weeks. Here are the revised road closures

How an artist thinks the Groves will look once traffic is eliminated. Image: City of York Council

Plans to close The Groves residential area to traffic are set to go ahead in the next two to three weeks.

City of York Council would use government emergency funding that aims to promote cycling and walking to carry out the work.

A council meeting on Monday will discuss the scheme, which plans to:

  • Close Lowther Street at its junction with Brownlow Street
  • Close Penley’s Grove Street between St. John Crescent and March Street
  • Close Earle Street close to its junction with Amber Street
  • Close Neville Terrace close to its junction with Brownlow Street
  • Make Penley’s Grove Street two way between March Street and the new closure point
  • Make Penley’s Grove Street two way between Monkgate and the new closure point
  • Close St. John Crescent between Penley’s Grove Street and Garden Street
  • Make March Street one way except for cyclists
  • Make Brownlow Street one way except for cyclists
  • Merge the boundaries of residents parking zones R7, R10 and R25

18-month scheme

The traffic restriction zone. Source: City of York Council agenda

These are the revised plans – in response to recommendations from residents.

But Door 84 Youth Centre, which is based in The Groves, has said the plans could make it more difficult for people to get to their site.

And other respondents fear the traffic could be made worse on Lord Mayor’s Walk, Haxby Road and in the Gillygate area.

Officers have recommended Cllr Andy D’Agorne, executive member for transport, approves the plans on a temporary basis for 18 months so that adjustments to the closure can be made at short notice to improve the scheme.

A council report says: “The narrow residential streets through the area have experienced a large increase in through traffic in recent years.

“Although use of the remaining through routes in the residential area does alleviate some capacity on the main road network there is a question mark as to whether this is appropriate given the residential nature of the area and the substantial traffic queues through it during peak periods.

“In order to secure funding through the Emergency Active Travel Fund that requires expenditure within 8 weeks to facilitate reallocation of road space to walking and cycling and facilitates social distancing.”

Work could begin in the next two to three weeks.

6 thoughts on “The Groves could be traffic-free within two weeks. Here are the revised road closures

  1. Typical of this lunatic council in the do see if it works then if not put things back as they body wants these closures in the first place

  2. It’s alright closing roads 2 prevent cars using them I’m a car driver and pay road tax yet cycles dont we spent a lot of money on cycle lanes but some still use the pavents or cycle down the wrong way but that’s ok car does it and you get fined

  3. As elderly and disabled residents at the ‘wrong’ end of Lowther Street this scheme is a disaster cutting us off completely from the Supermarkets at Foss Islands. We strongly urged counselors including AA that any street closures would seriously inconvenience residents. We recommended reversing the one way system and adjusting the junction at Clarence to only allow traffic from Lowther and Haxby to turn left into Townsend. That is all that is needed. With the extension of footstreets in the town center further marginalising disabled residents the Council are getting further and further out of touch: the focus should be 100% on fixing the retail landscape ensuring affordable shop fronts and interesting shops not continuing their torylike campaign against elderly and disabled residents.

  4. Measure the pollution levels in Clarence Street, Lord Mayor’s Walk and Gillygate immediately before and six months into the trial: providing there’s no change, fine. Oh, and record the congestion levels and delays too.

    If this has all been thought out, I’m sure everyone will be happy…

  5. Chaos for Lord Mayors walk Clarence street gillygate
    Very nice for St. John’s students and some residents
    The council should consider converting the old railway track bed from wiggington road , Haxby rd , Huntington rd across to malton rd then link to the old gas works and James street into a 2 way road for cars and vans

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