The Fifty Six Million Year Summer

The Fifty Six Million Year Summer

From Deep Oceans through Dinosaur Country to Coral Seas. Join us over the summer as we create three very different environments filled with the variety of Jurassic Life forms that would have inhabited them.

Included in admission

No need to book.

Summer at the National Railway Museum

Summer at the National Railway Museum

Enjoy stimulating science-packed shows, games and puzzles as we get the whole family working together to solve problems this summer.

Discover something different with every visit, whether it’s a new activity or an interesting object you had yet to find. You might learn something new—or use skills you hadn’t realised you had.

This summer our most popular shows and experiences are joined by a rotating programme of hands-on activities that challenge you to invent new solutions to age-old problems by thinking outside of the box and asking big questions.

Discover the best way to get from A to B in Screwball Signals. Pit your wits against gravity with our Marble Run. Show us what you know in our interactive Science Shows. Roll the dice and overcome obstacles on the way to your destination in Passenger Go, or let us take you through South Yard on a classic Steam ride.

Splashtastic Summer at the Web Adventure Park

Splashtastic Summer at the Web Adventure Park

Roll up for some Summer Water Fun!

From 11am to 5pm each day join in and cool off with lots of outdoor water themed fun. Squelch, squish and splish-splash through our different water activities – you may wish to bring spare clothing! Included in the admission price, there’s lots to enjoy!

  • Family fun and games led by our Splashtastic Activity Co-ordinator
  • Water battles – think balloons and supersoakers
  • Water Wars Sling Challenge (small additional charge)
  • Giant inflatable Unicorn with water spray
  • Stocks sponge throwing
  • Our mini water park will be running as usual

With much, much more!

Enjoy some of our NEW (drier!) activities too

  • Ride-On Pedal Tractors for budding farmers
  • Farmyard Fun Area
  • Daily visits from the Web Adventure Park mascot
  • Crafts in our Crafty Corner (small additional charge)
Summer Holidays at the Yorkshire Air Museum!

Summer Holidays at the Yorkshire Air Museum!

The Dakota Paratrooper Experience
Our C47 Dakota is an original paratroop aircraft, used for dropping special forces over enemy territory. Every Thursday throughout the day, you can experience what life must have been like for a paratrooper as they prepared to parachute into battle in the skies over D Day.

This presentation is around thirty minutes and our guides will explain the preparations needed by paratroopers immediately before jumping and how the Dakota was used as a parachute plane.

Listen to the sounds of a Jump Master as he commands everyone to stand and prepare to jump from the Dakota and wait for the red light to turn green, ready to jump.

Learn about early parachute technology that was used in WW2 and how soldiers carried all of the equipment with them as they jump into battle.

Details for Access to The Dakota Experience
Every Thursday from 18th July to 29th August
The Dakota Experience is free of charge and runs at various times throughout the day.
You need to be able to climb the stairs into the Dakota, similar to the airliner steps you ascend to go on holiday
Loud sound effects and commentary form part of the Dakota Experience
Sensible shoes are advisable, though not essential

Children’s Trails to Explore the Museum
Pick up your Future Pilots Trail and Summer of Space Trails, two great ways to explore the Museum and learn more about the amazing aircraft exhibits you will find here at Elvington.

Future Pilots Trail – Become a Future Pilot to discover the Museum and earn your wings. Be sure to collect your Future Pilot Qualification Sticker from the Museum shop at the end of your exploration.

Summer of Space Trail – This year is 50 years since the Apollo 11 moon landing. Use our Summer of Space trail to discover the links between the Museum’s aircraft and man’s quest to land on the moon. Learn how hot it can be in space and yet how cold it can be aboard the Museum’s Halifax in wartime and lots of other cool facts.

Hands On History
Each Monday, join our guides and learn what life was like to be growing up in wartime. In the days before Facebook and Snapchat, how did children keep in touch and how scary was it to have been growing up and going to school in World War Two.

Find out what it was like to wear a gas mask, what everyone used to eat and how families used to deal with the idea of being at war.

Hands on History Details

Location – The Air Gunners Room
Every Monday from 1:00pm – 2:00pm
Free of charge

The Tornado Experience – Cockpit Tour
A unique opportunity to experience the environment of a fast jet pilot.

  • Climb aboard the Tornado GR4, sit in the pilot’s ejection seat and enjoy a guided tour of the systems aboard this RAF jet.
  • See what it was like to fly this amazing, multi role jet and find out more about it’s capabilities first hand.
  • Learn about the swing wing and how the pilot changed the wing position in flight.
  • Our guides will explain the cockpit layout, the systems and what it was like to fly the Tornado when it was a front line, serving fast jet.

The Tornado Cockpit Experience is available on Tuesdays Thursdays and Fridays from 23rd July until 30th August.

Details for Access to the Tornado

  • You must be physically fit to climb a small number of steps and lift your legs and full body weight into the cockpit of the Tornado
  • Please wear trousers or shorts. Skirts and dresses may prevent or restrict access
  • Please wear flat shoes with a good grip on them. Please note: we cannot allow the public access without appropriate footwear.
  • You are more than welcome to take pictures once inside the cockpit of the Tornado – please come with a camera that can be zipped into a pocket or a camera with a strap.
  • The Tornado cockpit is quite spacious, though there are some limits on access.
  • If the museum feels that it is not safe or possible for you to access the Tornado cockpit, then we reserve the right to refuse access. Please refer to the terms and conditions displayed at the experience before purchasing your ticket.
  • And finally, have fun! And don’t forget to tag us on social media with your Fighter Pilot selfies, we love seeing your pictures.


Tickets are £10 per person, payable on the day. It is not possible to book online or in advance.

Mr Hudson’s Summer Holiday at The Mansion House

Summer is here, and from July 17th York Mansion House comes alive with hidden trails, sparkling treasure, and delicious smells winding up the stairs from the kitchen. An interactive adventure is waiting for you as you walk through dark corridors and vast halls, discovering York’s original house party, and your new home from home.


Former Lord Mayor Gorge Hudson has been off on his summer holidays and sent us some postcards that we’ve hidden around the house… Can you find them, and follow the trail to answer his questions? As you find them, make sure you try your hand at being Lord Mayor, dress up and match your outfit to the portraits!


All summer, come and get creative with us! Dress up a Lord Mayor, design your own postcard, or help us decorate the front of the House. Come into the magnificent State Room and let your creativity flow – we can’t wait to see what you make.


Everyday at 11.30am and 2.30pm, we will be whipping up some tasty treats in our historic kitchen. We’ve dipped into our banqueting archives and picked all your favourite things… Georgian style! Make sure you come down to help us out, or have a go at making your own eighteenth century meal with our interactive cooking experience.

Open Wednesday – Sunday, 10.30am – 4.30pm

York Maze

Created from over one million living, growing maize plants, York Maze is not just the largest maze in the UK it’s an award winning fun filled, day out in the country.

With over 20 different rides, attractions and shows to enjoy York Maze offers an amazing fun-filled full family day out.

Yorkshire’s Jurassic World

Take an epic journey back through 150 million years of Yorkshire to discover lost giants and the changing worlds they inhabited in this major new exhibition at the Yorkshire Museum.

From the depths of the deepest seas to the ancient coasts and tropical shallows, meet the dinosaurs and sea monsters that once roamed our vast and ever-changing landscapes. Experience each Jurassic world as the colossal creatures and their surroundings are brought to life using the latest research and ground-breaking technology.

Inspect the finest details of an ichthyosaur as its flesh and skin are superimposed over its preserved skeleton; serve a sauropod dinosaur its supper as our VR headset reincarnates the oldest sauropod remains ever found in the UK; tremble at a terrifying Megalosaur tooth as you stand amid its hunting habitat, and much more.

Rediscover our prehistoric predecessors through some of the oldest and most fascinating remains in the region as you step into ‘Yorkshire’s Jurassic World’.