Halloween Ghostly Tales & Treats

Halloween Ghostly Tales & Treats

Join storyteller Helen at the fireside for a celebration of all things Halloween. Listen to dark ghost tales from Yorkshire, learn of Halloween customs and partake of Halloween treats. Themed cocktails and hot drinks available from the bar (pay separately)

Please ARRIVE by 745 pm.

From 945 pm there is a chance to have a mini Tarot reading on a pay as you feel basis. All proceeds from the readings will go towards Helen’s chosen charity: Alzheimer’s Trust.

Please note latecomers will not be admitted once the storytelling is underway.

The event will start at 8pm with a 15 minute break in the middle until 945 pm.

Readings will be offered from 945 until 11pm approximately.

An Afterlife Experience with Lindsay Banks

As we approach Halloween and All Souls Day it is a time where many think of those who have passed. Are ghosts and spirits real? Do they exist? Do you have a belief in the afterlife? Are you looking for proof?..

Lindsay will regale us with her tales of living in haunted houses and how she started to speak with those who have passed.
Working with a variety of tools Lindsay will provide an interactive demonstration bringing loved ones through to members of the audience. A night not to be missed.

Please bring either an object or photograph that Lindsay may choose through the evening to work with.

Tickets are £20 per person.
This also comes with a welcome drink.

Call 01904 541 177
Email yorksales@thebotanist.uk.com to RSVP

Halloween Ghost Hunt at The Old Sanatorium

Hallowe’en is when the veil between our world and the spirit world is at its thinnest – and during the week of Samhain we will be investigating this amazing place and we cannot wait to return as the building is slowly but surely giving up its secrets.

This fantastic building has many original features and rooms including the Library with its Jacobean headboard and fireplace dating back to 1756 and has served many purposes in its long history. With its dark panelled rooms and original grand staircase, the old part of the building is full of history and the spirits of those that were a part of it, and they want to share that history with us.

The buildings have been the famous Fairfield Stud, a Sanatorium, a TB Hospital and children’s psychiatric hospital – and not forgetting it was originally a family home too.

Our guests have seen legs disappear on the grand staircase, heard disembodied voices, been touched and much, much more! There are rooms in the building that staff don’t like to enter alone, some guests prefer to stay in the extended building and will not take rooms in the old part of the hotel because of previous experiences there.

The Library is one of the older parts of the building and was once Matron’s office when the building was used as a Sanatorium. It was also possibly the room that was used for meetings and as the “gentlemen of the Manor’s” office and we have not been disappointed with the amount of activity here. During a Human Pendulum activity, previous guests have been deeply moved by their feelings and a sense of who was with them, this possible energy was also captured on camera. During Mirror Scrying activities, guests have witnessed transfiguration on more than one occasion which has left them amazed by their experience.

What secrets does The Fairfield Manor hold? Using traditional and modern methods of spirit communication, we want to unravel the history and talk to those who are willing or otherwise, who are still attached to the building. Why not join us this Samhain week and find out!

Ghost Cellar Tour

Grab a hard hat, join the guide and visit the cellar that played host to ghostly Roman soldiers, marching along on the buried Roman road that lies beneath the house.

The ghosts were famously encountered by Harry Martindale in 1953, maybe you will be the next to see the ghostly soldiers? Who was this the mysterious Ninth who settled in York in the year 71 then vanished from history? Tours run throughout the day and last for around 30 minutes.

Halloween Ghost Hunt at The Merchant Adventurers’ Hall

Hallowe’en is when the veil between our world and the spirit world is at its thinnest – and during the week of Samhain we will be investigating this amazing place. It is full of history and also full of spirit activity. Whether you are a novice, curious or a seasoned investigator this venue is not to be missed. We have had some amazing evidence that has turned sceptics to believers and the guest feedback has been awesome!

So much has happened, communications with Vikings, footsteps walking around, shadows crossing the floors, unexplained mists, the sound of chanting, direct responses during vigils, class A EVPs, spirit writing, SLS activity, coins appearing from nowhere and much more. Are you in?

This magnificent medieval building has been here since 1357 and is still used today as a Guild Hall as it was intended when it was first built. Join us as we use traditional methods and a range of hi-tech equipment to contact those with stories to tell in this Hall.

There are spirits of children who were in this 600 year old Alms-house; the great and the good, and not so good in the hall above. Judges and those who were tried in the court house area, which was brought into the building. Dare you enter the “men only” room? Some of our female guests felt intimidated in here.

We are not here to demonstrate or entertain, this is an interactive event, and the guests get to try the activities for themselves – you will be involved in the investigation as much as you dare be! The lights will be down and it is eerily quiet. This is an awesome event, don’t miss out!

Light refreshments are provided as well as use of the equipment. You are welcome to bring your own investigating equipment if you wish and, time and spirits permitting, do your own private vigil.

York Castle Museum With TV’s Most Haunted

Ghost Hunt at York Castle Museum with Karl Beattie and Stuart Torevell from TV’s Most Haunted

Ghost hunt at the amazing York Castle Museum..

From the museum streets to the dark eerie cells..What will you encounter as we investigate this fantastic location with Tvs Most Haunted…