Stranded – Riverside hotel still cut off by flood water

The Roomzzz hotel on Terry Avenue. Photograph: Chloe Laversuch, local democracy service

A controversial riverside hotel has closed once again – as the high river levels have left it cut off.

Roomzzz aparthotel on Terry Avenue opened in late December – but guests were moved out on February 9 after the level of the River Ouse rose.

The hotel reopened on Valentine’s Day, but has shut again for safety reasons.

Residents objected to the planning application for the 97-bedroom hotel back in 2016 – saying it was inappropriate for an area which floods regularly.

A spokesperson for Roomzzz said:

  • We did open for Valentine’s Night so as not to let down our guests who had made special plans, however we have subsequently closed once more for safety reasons due to limited access.

    The river levels have continued to be problematic over the last two weeks which has closed local roads and pathways to the hotel.

‘Totally undamaged’

She said the building is “totally undamaged” because it is above the water, but that it is currently cut off from surrounding roads and footpaths.

She added: “We are pleased to confirm that despite water levels being where they are, our building has been very well designed to cope with this.

“Our flood defence and resilience strategy means that the water gets on site, but the building sits above the water and is totally undamaged.

“It will be a quick turnaround once water levels have stabilised and we can clean up outside surfaces.

“We look forward to celebrating this wonderful location on the river rather than dwell on it at times like this, we are very lucky to be here and it is a fantastic property, with a wonderful team and supportive neighbours

“Guests have been really understanding given all the publicity of the recent weather and we expect many guests to be back in their booked apartments over the coming days.

“The flood wall protection which we also constructed as part of the scheme has done its job to serve the local residents in Lower Ebor Street. The team have done so well throughout and we are very grateful for the support and understanding of the York community as we prepare to reopen.”