Road through city walls closed to traffic indefinitely

Victor Street leading to Victoria Bar. Photograph © Google Street View

A route through the city walls has been closed indefinitely on safety grounds.

Victoria Bar and Victor Street have been shut after the rising bollards broke at the entrance to the bar.

The route will be closed indefinitely – until City of York Council transport bosses come up with a solution to the problem.

A report says motorists have been driving on the wrong side of the road to get through the Bar, causing problems for oncoming cars and walkers.

It adds that “immediate action” had to be taken to make the route safe.

Control measures failed

The report says: “The access control measures at Victoria Bar have failed and become inoperable in one direction, heading into the city walls.

“On November 21 2019 a decision was sought from the executive member for transport regarding the solution to this issue.

“A decision on the solution was deferred to a later date.

“Taking into account the safety issues that are present at this location without a functional access control system in place, it is decided that the road be closed until a formal resolution is achieved.”