Revealed: The 12 crashes involving Uber drivers in York since Christmas

Police at the scene of a collision between an Uber and a York bus on Danebury Drive in April

There have been at least 12 accidents involving Uber cars in York since Christmas – putting the public ‘constantly at risk’.

And York Private Hire Association are urging councillors to take action to protect residents.

City of York Council voted not to renew Uber’s licence in York in December 2017 but Uber drivers licensed elsewhere still operate in the city.

Uber collisions this year have left a cyclist in Hospital and a woman needing to be cut free from her wrecked car. See below for the full list of accidents.

In the same time period, York Private Hire Association says there have been two accidents involving York registered taxi drivers. One driver has had his licence revoked and the other incident is still under investigation.

They estimate that the Uber accident rate is the equivalent to taxi drivers being involved in 180 crashes a year, based on the fact that there are about 11 times the number of licensed taxis than Uber vehicles.

‘Prosecute Uber’

In a statement to councillors chair of York Private Hire Association Wendy Loveday wrote:

  • I just want to draw you attention to the number of crashes caused by Uber drivers as they are driving in a city that they do not know, with a complicated one way system that they fail to navigate, are fully reliant on the five inch SatNav screen rather than looking out of the five foot windscreen, and their lack of knowledge of our city results in crashes and the public being put at risk constantly.

She told YorkMix that City of York Council should do three things:

  1. publicly recommend that residents take a York Licenced Hackney or Private Hire vehicle
  2. prosecute Uber or publicly lobby the Government
  3. employ at least two (but preferably more) full-time Taxi Licensing Enforcement Officers that are uniformed and produce a visible presence on our streets.

An Uber car parked on College Street, York. This one was licensed in Nottingham. Photograph: YorkMix
She said: “Regardless of what they say, the enforcement team is spread far too thinly and concentrate their efforts on the alcohol establsihments rather than on the more dangerous element, which is getting into a car with a complete stranger.

“Let’s have covert operations as well as an active presence and let’s have enforcement out during the days too.”

Matthew Boxall, head of public protection at City of York Council, said: “We ensure that any traffic incidents involving licensed vehicles are reported to the police and that any involving vehicles licensed to another authority are reported to them because they have the necessary powers to deal with any licensing issues.

“We are currently compiling a list of all incidents involving licensed vehicles in the city for the Gambling and Licensing Committee’s October meeting.”

The Uber accidents

Accident no 1: 24 December 2018

An Uber licensed in Leeds was in collision with a cyclist off at the roundabout near Clifford’s Tower. The cyclist taken to hospital by ambulance

Accident no 2: 23 January 2019

A Uber collided with a car at Monkgate roundabout

Accident no 3: 4 March

A woman had to be cut from her car after a crash involving an Uber on Hull Road

Accident no 4: 8 March

Photograph © Google Street View
A minor collision at the Lawrence Street entrance to the Shell garage, said to involve a Bradford licensed Uber.

Accident no 5: 9 April

One person was taken to hospital after a Uber and a bus collide on Danebury Drive

Accident no 6: 24 April

It happened at the Tang Hall Lane junction with Hull Road

Accident no 7: 5 May

At a junction on Grants Avenue in Fulford and Uber overran the road and finished up on the grass. It happened at about 8.15am when children were walking to nearby schools.

Accident no 8: 19 August

This accident was on Cemetery Road, said to involve an Uber licensed in Bradford

Accident no 9: 7 September

This accident on Station Rise between an Uber and a York taxi saw the taxi scraped the full length on one side.

Accident no 10: 11 September

An Uber licensed in Bradford hit a central refuge on Burton Stone Lane – a 20mph zone.

Plus there have been two accidents which haven’t been caught on camera, both in spring this year. The first, involving an Uber and a pedestrian, happened on Clarence Street. The second, which saw a licensed taxi damaged, was at the University of York.

3 thoughts on “Revealed: The 12 crashes involving Uber drivers in York since Christmas

  1. From what I see on a daily basis, I think that York licenced vehicles should ‘practice what they preach’.

    York drivers seem to think they are above the law, as I see them playing on mobile phones when at Traffic Lights, stop to pick up and set down with no regard to the traffic chaos they cause, especially when they abandon their vehicles along Stonebow & Pavement to ‘pop into’ Greggs etc.

    Also have seen a York licenced taxi pick up 3 adults and 4 children, and fitted 6 of them across the back seat – very overloaded!

    They also seem to think that give way lines don’t apply to themselves, and just pull out in front of other vehicles, or simply pick up and pull out without indicating.

    If PCV & LGV/HGV drivers have to do 35 hours training every 5 years to gain (and retain) a ‘Certificate of Professional Competence’ card, and have to pass a separate driving test, why shouldn’t a Taxi/Private Hire driver.

  2. Is the reason uber are in more accidents than York taxis not the councils fault perhaps? If they allowed Ubers to be registered in York, they’d have drivers who knew the roads better, therefore less likely to make mistakes like the ones above.
    Also, does Wendy Loveday realise getting into any taxi at all is getting into a car with a complete stranger? I’d much rather have that strangers car details and license information saved on my phone than no information at all.

  3. Ubers can be found at the station, waiting for trade out of sight of legitimate taxis, through the archway leading to the pick up drop off car park, and at St Johns university nearly always parked disabled bays ! Saw one last week driving Davygate then Blake Street the wrong way. Enforcement action is long overdue.
    I have been told that an Uber refused to take a person with a Guide Dog, but when was pointed out that was illegal, took the fella and his guide dog reluctantly, but dropped them off in a street not near his intended destination.

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